Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some of your most popular bonds?
    Our most popular bonds include:
  2. Why should I use Simplebond?
    • Low prices. Simplebond is appointed with many surety companies and we will always shop the market to find the lowest possible price for your bond. Sometimes the price of the bond you need can vary tremendously from company to company. By using Simplebond, you are assured of being placed with the surety company that offers the lowest price for your particular bond need.
    • Instant approval and no credit checks on most bonds. Unless otherwise noted on the online application form, your bond can be obtained with no credit check. If a credit check is required for your particular bond we will contact you within 24 hours to let you know what premium you have been approved at. We always shop around for the lowest premium. If you don't like the premium you are offered you may cancel your order at no cost. Many surety bond companies will run credit checks on all applicants and deny service to those with poor credit. Simplebond is able to obtain your surety bond even if you have poor credit. This ensures that you will receive your bond and speeds up the issuing of your bond.
    • Simplicity. Our application process is both the easiest available and the only on-line type to offer instant approval. For bonds that don't require a credit check once you have finished our on-line application your bond will be mailed to you the same or next business day. If a credit check is required the bond will usually be mailed to you the same or next day if you have good credit but may take longer if you have poor credit. It's that simple!
    • Experience and specialization. Simplebond is dedicated exclusively to surety bonds. All other surety bond services rely on other forms of insurance or surety to support their business. Most know next to nothing about the surety bonds we offer and have no desire to learn since they earn such a small commission. They'll usually just throw a confusing application at you, offer little help, and often make mistakes. Simplebond has been able to refine the application process for both simplicity and reliability.
  3. How long will it take to get my bond?
    Most bonds go out in the mail to you the same or next business day. Once you have completed our on-line application you will receive an order number with which you can check your bond's status via our website. This allows you to know when your bond has been processed by the insurance company and on what date it was mailed to you. If you are in a rush express service is available at extra cost on most bonds. Just select the "Express Delivery" option on the online application and any bond ordered before 2:30pm PST will get to you the next business morning. If a credit check is required for your bond express delivery may not be available if you don't have good credit. Please call us at (800) 753-5549 if you need more details on express service.
  4. What happens when my bond expires?
    You will receive a renewal notice in the mail directly from the surety company that issued your bond about 60 days before your bond is to expire. In order to renew your bond all you have to do is pay your renewal premium to the surety company. It's even easier than applying in the first place.
  5. What insurance company will write my surety bond?
    Simplebond Insurance Services is an on-line insurance brokerage. It is our goal to obtain your surety bonds through the most reliable and least expensive insurance companies we can locate for you. Currently we place most of our surety bonds through American Contractor's Indemnity Company (HCC Surety), Western Surety Company (CNA Surety), Old Republic Surety, Great American, INSCO/DICO, Accredited Surety & Casualty Company, Platte River & Capital Indemnity Corporation. Most have an AM Best rating of A, are well trusted, and offer low premiums.
  6. What is your agency's address and contact information?
    John Magnuson
    Simplebond Insurance Services LLC
    591 Camino De La Reina, Suite 615
    San Diego, CA 92108
    (800) 753-5549 Voice
    (619) 923-2470 Fax
    Lic# 0E55363